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    6 FADE
    /slideshows/homeCustom1175x432/slide.jpg Welcome to Mary, Mother of the Redeemer Come, celebrate the Mass with us, and join us in the work of redemption!
    /slideshows/homeCustom1175x432/deacons.png MMR's Deacons vesting for Papal Mass Deacons John, George, and Paul vesting for Papal Mass at SS. Peter & Paul Cathedral, Philadelphia, September 26, 2015
    /slideshows/homeCustom1175x432/Zucchettos.png Exchanging zucchettoes with Pope Francis Matt Brody MMR parishioner and St. Charles Seminarian
    /slideshows/homeCustom1175x432/MMR-203.jpg Celebration of the Eucharist Come, Lord Jesus!
    /slideshows/homeCustom1175x432/MMR-17.jpg Ushers and Greeters Can you help? Call the Parish Office to get involved.
    /slideshows/homeCustom1175x432/MMR-169.jpg Lectors Proclaiming the Word of God - Is this something you would be interested in?
    /slideshows/homeCustom1175x432/MMR-120.jpg All are Welcome! Peace I leave you, my peace I give you.
    /slideshows/homeCustom1175x432/chwc12.jpg Youth Service Trip - Catholic HeartWork Camp North Arlington, NJ - July 2015
    /slideshows/homeCustom1175x432/IMG_0307.JPG 4o Hours Devotion - October 2015 You and I are the bread of life, taken and blessed, broken and shared by Christ that the world might live.
    /slideshows/homeCustom1175x432/15-respect-life-program-cover-photo.jpg Respect Life
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